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I need to do

- The last 2 breedable sheets

- 19 free commissions for :iconxxerisuxx:

- 2 customs

- 2 b-day gifts

- and a shitload of chrismtas gifts

Have i forgotten any???

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Commissions Commissions : Closed by Raidiance atm I just wanted to do a journal with prices and picture

Doodle Pony
Example Mochii by Sarahostervig 20:points: per pony

As sign or any kind of sign with your character(s)
Example Ask Shy Feathers adn Cold Heart by SarahostervigGummy Guts 1/5 by SarahostervigGummy Geyser 2/5 by SarahostervigWelcome sign - Miss Death by SarahostervigPixel 3 out of 3 by SarahostervigPixel 2 out of 3 by Sarahostervig Commission 1 of 23 for XXErisuXX by SarahostervigCommission 2 of 23 for XXErisuXX by Sarahostervig8 Bit 1 out of 3 by Sarahostervig 400:points: per pony but if designs are harder it'll be 200 more and 100 more for shading if you want it.

Custom Pony.

Depends on how many details but its 250:points: and up

examples: Custom for Little-Miss-DP by Sarahostervig Xxerusixx customs by Sarahostervig Pony for Ponns by Sarahostervig

Ponies already drawn:

Full body colored and shaded with cm 300:points:

Waist and up 150:points:

One like this Bella Luna commission by Sarahostervig was 120:points: its now 150

This oneCommission for nat998877 by Sarahostervig

Hard characters like this one Commission for Ebony-Inke by Sarahostervig will be 300 points 150 for shading and light effects

Big pony sheet (lots of ponies and background)

Example BIG Pony commission DONE by Sarahostervig Contest Entry by Sarahostervig 600:points:

Cutiemarks: 100 :points: for a custom one 50:points: for a cm already made

Expresion Sheet
Example 25 Essential Expressions Princess Shy Feathers by Sarahostervig 100:points: (there's 2 i can't do as you can see)

Dresses adn Ponies Sheet

Examples Dress commission for Silver-and-rarity by Sarahostervig Dress commission for CptConfusion by Sarahostervig Custom Pony Dress 2 by Sarahostervig Custom Pony dress 1 by SarahostervigCustom Pony Dress for Vintage-lightsaber by Sarahostervig those with the ponies on will be300:points: per sheet if with the 3 ponies plus the finished dress

On one of those Rairty has (can spell it righ manequin) with onoy that adn i draw the dress on it its 300:points:

Here is the info i would need

1) colors

2) theme if you have one (like if the theme is snakes i will make snakes in the design)

3) difficulity (remember you have ot draw the dress yourself sometime) Easy, medium or difficult. The more difficult the more details

4) jewelary. If you want any then i need ot know what kind

5) any changed about the pony?
In this i need if the hair is going to be set up in a way with some things in it or if i should change the look of the character.

6) pony look.
Should the pony like in my style when i draw it or th MLP FIM style. if MLP FIM style which kind? the normal pony form or celestia luna princess form for the body.

7) cutiemark
I need a pic to show the cutiemakr if i shall draw it in the process picture

Reff Sheets

Example My Ponies Reff 0015 by Sarahostervig 700:points: This takes a lot of time for me to do

Short 1 Page comic

Don't you wish by Sarahostervig 1000:points: sory but this craves a lot of work

Lineless is 1000:points: adn non lineless, aka normal, is 700:points:

Pixel Stuff.

if using a base 50 pts (examples) 3rd Gift For Xxerisuxx by Sarahostervig 2nd gift for Erisu by Sarahostervig Gift for Xxerisuxx by Sarahostervig

if no base made by myself 100 and up depending on complexebility.

Examples: Poison 2 by Sarahostervig Poison 1 by Sarahostervig Piggysona by Sarahostervig Pony Icons gift for sutexii by Sarahostervig Ghost Fire by Sarahostervig




That's it for now i think x33

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My goal is to reach 2 tousand XD Well as a start anyway X3

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No sleep for Sarah tonight

Tue Jul 22, 2014, 2:17 PM

(EDIT!!!) SO it is 09:25 am
1 hour ago i took on clothes and went with the baby Starling, Jenna, to my nearby vet.

I said I didn't know where else to go and the desk ladies got a superior to look at my case.

She looked at Jenna and found a paper for me to sign some things on my name adress etc and then they would take Jenna and get her somewhere she could be treated and propper care.

She still had a lot of her wing feathers in their tubes so it will be weeks befoe she can fend for herself

Good Luck Jenna ^^

I'm a softy X3 my neighbour would have just let the cats take it cuss thats the nature

I'm too much of a softheart and sacrifised my sleep to help a poor lil birdy ^^

Sarah over and out! 


So my mom rescused a baby Starling, i have found out it looked like one from my bird book.
and her 2 cats chased it

with he having 2 cats and a dog she just wanted to let it go in thr woods when it cant even fly

i have one cat do i took it up and will TRY to hold it alive tonight by feeding it every hour like :iconocrystal: told me to

with some dry cat food made soft in water
so i hope the lil one will survive the night

so i can take it to a regular vet at 8 am tomorrow 8 hours and 43 min from now and ask what i can do now

TTnTT I'm so scared i've never been up all night nor taken care of a baby bird before 

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Free JingleBell Divider by PhoebeRose

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VixiPonyArtist Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
can we be friends
VixiPonyArtist Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
please tell mondobutt this:

gosh, im sorry i offened you, I was just saying that, you dont have to get all mad at me, I never ment to make you mad, im sorry. If you haven' noticed then Im kinda mad kinsidering Im getting kicked out of my home and I dont have that much money, no one buys my adoptsables or commissions, and Im serously depressed right now and no one seems to care so you know what im done, im gonna go die now

and Im sorry i didnt mean to say that or whin I just need a place to vent right now and no one seems to care, if anyone did then i wouldnt be in a bad mood anymore, if you want to know why im so angry and sad then read my "bad situation" journal here:…

right now I just hate life so im gonna go die
Sarahostervig Featured By Owner 1 day ago
then instead of buying pts with real money save those money to help your family
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Sarahostervig Featured By Owner 1 day ago
you said you'd be getting 12$ in pts in 9 days, that is rather buying pts than getting them sine u said ur commissions and adopts werent selling

i sent a link to the comment on my skype to mondo here's one back directly from mondo:

do you honestly think youre the only one with fucking problems ? my fuckign grandmother just died, the woman who's practically taken care of me since i was fuckign born. i dont care about your problems, i have my own goddamn fucking problems as it is. im a sixteen year old boy, not a fucking miracle worker.

don't say youre going to go die now because thats literally the stupidest shit ive ever fucking heard. if i had a nickle for every time someone said that to me, id be loaded. stop pushing your fucking sob story onto me just because you want a special cartoon horse with a plant on its ass.

hey, how about instead of wasting your money on something like that, you put it to good fucking use and help yourself out ? i dont fucking care about your problems. if you wanna know why im pissed off, its because you just keep pestering me and hassling me to finish your goddamn custom i didnt even wanna do in the first fucking place.

help yourself and your mother out first before you go wasting your money on stuff that isnt going to help you. i dont care if you hate your life, /do something to make it better instead of guilt tripping people into giving you what you want/.
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DatPonyAdopts Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
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DatPonyAdopts Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
sorry just bored! 

you have wonderful work! 
Sarahostervig Featured By Owner 6 days ago
thank you

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SpoopyPotato Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Student General Artist
Ah, thank you very much for the watch!~ <3
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