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April 24, 2013
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BIG Pony commission DONE by Sarahostervig BIG Pony commission DONE by Sarahostervig
This is a big commission for :iconnitrogoblin: of thier ponies
took some getting used to doing so many ponies in 1 pic

*Edit* DONE^^ I am so satisfied with this picture^^ I just hope my commissioner and friend think so too^^

I love my bg of snow x3 (roks and steeps needs practise thought XD)

*ARG i forgot that Toxic Waste had 6 legs not 4!! Its fixed now though DX*
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First things first. Dear gods that is a lot of pony.

I don't have much of a problem with the ponies in general after giving them a good look. They're really close to the show's style so there!: not too much to worry about. However there's a green on with a helmet. I'm assuming he's hinding behind a snow mound? If so, he's really hard to see and identify as a pony. There's one slight issue as well. All ponies look the same size, which doesn't give proportion and realistic placement as much as it should. The ones is the far back should be a bit smaller, not by too much, since the space is a small area.

One thing I noticed about the pony placment is that they overlay like a sticker set over a painting. The ponies on the bottom she they're behind a rock, but there is no tail clipping to prove that. They're just simply "over it". The dracoequis itself appears to just be there and at an awkward angle. The rock looks flat enough. It's just her laying position is kinda like / in comparison to being =. There's a pony on the upper left who's standing on a rock, but there is no depth or clue of it. He's also just kinda there. If you recreate this sometime, make sure you move him a little to the right or make sure the characters are in place of their surroundings.

Okay. So the background. It's a mess. And don't worry, mine as just as bad when I do make them. The trees in the back are fine. And the lack of trees around the play area make me think they're on a mountain. There are rocks everywhere. But the one over on the top right doesn't really make sense. The usual way a rock look like that is through horizontal changes. I think you were trying to show directions of light and whatnot there, but it's choppy and the colors don't quite match. I would suggest looking at picture of rocks, from pebbles to mountainous cliffsides and see the varied colors and way they are made.

The snowflakes are really... Interesting. The small ones are everywhere, but have a few in front of the rocks as well. Otherwise it's like mincraft where the moment you walk on a desert-sand block, sudenly the rain stops and there is this barrier that protects you from rain and snow. The larger flakes shouldn't be blurred dots unless you have camera blue. In relation to large flakes, sometimes using a snowflake brush or "shape" will emphasize that it's there and that snow aren't blurry circles. Snowflakes are either hex-symmetrical shapes or little clusters of ice particles. Observing various flakes should help with his problem.

Speaking of snow... No idea what the yellow and blue things are. Snow doesn't usually have those colors unless you turn it those colors. Snow also isn't true white. Light blues can be used to shade snow clumps and mounds.

In the entrie image, there is snow stacked on rocks and trees. It isn't stacked around the play area itself. That doesn't really make sense since everything else hints at snow being there for at least a few hours.

Another big no-no. Blue sky. It never snows with a true, blue sky. You may have breaks, but that's for lowland areas. Snow clouds are a light grey in color, a lot lighter than rain clouds.

I think that should be is for now. So yeah, referencing material like rocks, snow and maybe clouds(blue and yellow things?) should help. Hope this helps. C:
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Glitter-Dix Aug 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That is one hell of a lot of ponies <3 They all look so unique.

yep yep it is x3



Glitter-Dix Aug 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I like your style too. : > I love each pony especially that chimera one. It looks so cool. And sorry to hear about that whole situation with that one person. I hope things get settled soon.
thanks x3 the chimara is my own species x33
Glitter-Dix Aug 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Wow ;a; it looks so cute.
Jesserfly Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
HOLY... O.O That must've taken so much!
xDD yeah it took a few days over 10 hours xD
IIbukiMioda May 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah, the finished picture is so amazing! *o*
You can tell that you took your time on this one, the outcome is beautiful. UwU
hehe *Smiles sheepishly* Thank you^w^ i'm really happy wit the bf i made for once x3 and the shading
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